My first Gucci ever!

  1. I am so happy I could cry! Here is my new baby, my first ever high-end designer bag and first Gucci! I believe its called the small horsebit flap satchel. I've been smelling the leather ever since I got her -- delicious! :heart:33


  2. congrats!! i love it! the leather looks so yum yum yummmy! :smile: enjoy!!
  3. Congrats! Welcome to Gucci girl!
  4. That is one gorgeous bag! Enjoy it :yahoo:
  5. Fabulous bag! Congrats
  6. It is TDF!!! Congrats and enjoy!
  7. It's gorgeous!! Congrats!! And LOL.. I LOVE the smell of leather too :love:
  8. It is totally great!! Enjoy!
  9. How pretty, congrats!
  10. that's very pretty, congrats! :heart:
  11. Beautiful! Congratulations!

  12. How lovely for you! Congratulations! Give us more details about how you came to get her!!! :jammin: :flowers:
  13. congratulations!!! that's so pretty...
  14. ^ Thank you so much everyone! I've been carrying it around all day, even in the house LOL

    I got her from a lovely, lovely friend of mine who I cant thank enough :heart:
  15. Congrats!! I've yet to get my first Gucci :love:. Your bag is really pretty. How much/where did you get it, if you don't mind me asking?
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