My first Gucci, confused if I should keep it or exchange it.


Dec 28, 2007
I bought this purse at Belagio Shop, I have been wanting this purse since I saw it in their website. But when I saw the other joy boston, the one with painted hearts, I got confused. :confused1:
Should I keep this purse or exchange this with the painted hearts joy boston. Which do you think looks better as an everyday purse?

This is the one that I bought last week. sorry I don't know how to post the pictures.
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Jun 15, 2007
If you're really going to use this "everyday" I'd go with the other one. This one is too flashy IMO and it might not go with everything you wear especially since there's so many metallic colors to it it's a little more formal. Go with your gut instinct with what you like best. There's so many Guccis I bought rushed and was undecided that they're just left in the boxes unused. Try on the other bag as well if you can. Either way post modelling pics when you decide! :smile: