My first Gucci....Bardot in Turquoise

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  1. I'm not usually in this forum so I had to do some investigating to find out the name of this bag. I believe it's the Bardot and I just bought this today at a high end consignment store. :yahoo:

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  2. two modeling pics...

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  3. I saw a similar one in orange the other day - must be mid '00s cruise??? Perhaps TF last year (2004)

    Looks great on you - can you imagine how great that colour will look with a tan and white jeans or linen suit or little brown cotton dress? :graucho:

    I have a jade green horse-bit day bag but I don't really tan so I have to do pale and interesting in the Summer :shucks:
  4. i love the color:smile:))
  5. Looks great on you and I love the color!
    Congratulations and enjoy ;).
  6. I love the color...I bet it's your favorite color too! ( based on the bed cover):tup:
  7. LOL, I didn't even notice that! It's one of my favorite colors but mainly it was such a great price I couldn't pass it up.:nuts:

    Thank you all for the nice compliments. :biggrin: I do see it more as a spring bag worn with white, tan, and brown clothing.
  8. Great looking bag! I'm dying to go to a good consignment store and find some good deals.
  9. gorgeous!! congrats!!!
  10. Love the color!
  11. Gorgeous! Congrats on your steal!
  12. :smile:Beautiful Gucci loving the design. Congrats and Enjoy!
  13. That is a stunning bag. I am loving that you found that second hand too!
  14. What a great color and perfect for spring! CONGRATS on your great find.
  15. Congrats!