My first Gucci bag!

  1. Went to Saks today and saw this little beauty! I got it on sale for $150!!!! I could not believe it...this is my first Gucci bag!!!!! :heart:
    gucci1.jpg gucci2.jpg
  2. Cute and I like the colors. Congrats.
  3. It's so cute! Congrats
  4. Cute bag, great way to start your gucci collection. I also started out my gucci collection with a small bag..still use it; it's great to take out dancing.
  5. very pretty! Congrats!
  6. wow! what a steal!

  7. Very cute & a great deal. Is it pouchette size?
  8. Thank you! And, yes, it is pouchette size!
  9. What a deal~ congrats!
  10. That's an amazing deal on a very cute purse!! Congrats! I love the pink trim.. it's perfect for summer!
  11. beautiful! congrats!
  12. i have that bag! u got it at such a deal though!!! been using mine for a long time now :smile:
  13. That's a great deal and the bag is super cute! Congrats and enjoy!
  14. excellent deal, nice color
  15. That is a beauty. Cute bag!!!