my first gucci bag!

  1. i was at this great vintage store in Montclair today...the lady that owns it is really nice and she has such great stuff in the store - gucci, prada, chanel, fendi... so i was looking around and i saw some vintage ostrich purses that she has from the 1930's. she hold me to hold on, that she had something in the back that she thought i might like...and came out with this beautiful tan ostrich gucci bag. it was in such good looked practically new so of course i had to buy it. i wish i had a camera with me so i could take a picture of it. i'll take pics tomorrow when i get home, but it's soooo nice!!! :love: does anyone have an ostrich gucci purse too? she said this one is about 2-3 years old... anyway, yeah i'll post pics tomorrow =)
  3. Can't wait 2 C it. Congratulations
  4. congrats! enjoy your first gucci bag! :smile:
  5. here are the pictures :love:...does anyone have any idea how old this bag could be?
    DSC03420.JPG DSC03421.JPG DSC03422.JPG DSC03424.JPG
  6. I'm sorry I can't be any help to say how old she is, but what an amazing bag! Love the color and I can totally understand why she was calling to you!
  7. amazing bag, how much did that cost you?!
  8. Judging by the metal closure and the interior that bag is def vintage and I'm talking about a good 10 or more years. It doesn't have the 90's Tom Ford style. I could be wrong. But, I have been all about Gucci since the late 80's.
  9. thank you for the info =) it's in really good shape for being 10+ years old. no scratches on the leather and the inside doesn't have any stains at all! *W:huh:hOo*!!

    slowlyfading...i got it for $525. i went to the gucci store today in short hills and they have an ostrich checkbook cover for $725! :shocked:
  10. Wow! Great find! Enjoy and congrats!
  11. amazing.. congrats! :smile:
  12. what a steal! a no-name ostrich bag today would cost what you paid congrats! and you got a gucci