My First Gucci Bag -- God, I'm Lovin' the Outlet!


Jul 9, 2007
I have a lot of Gucci sunnies, shoes, etc., but this is my first bag! The problem being that the Gucci bags I love are the all leather insanely expensive ones but now thanks to the new outlet in Vacaville, I have a fabulous new Irina Flap in black! I'm digging the studs and at a little over $700, this was a great deal -- it was hard to choose between the flap and the tote, but the flap really stays on my shoulder nicely which not a lot of bags do!

My SA was Yessica and she was super helpful and even left me a message the other day to make sure I got my bag and was loving it! I'd looked at it in the store and had her hold it so I could think about it and ended up calling her and having it shipped - with a no return policy I wanted to be sure! Now if a Jackie in that amazing natural leather will only show up there;)



Mar 28, 2006
Congratulations! That is a beautiful bag. And to get it for such a great price. Nothing beats that!