My first Gucci bag arrived today...

  1. Hi everyone! I just got my first Gucci bag today from BG via Fedex. It's the Medium Boston Treasure bag in ivory with two pink stripes. I LOVE IT! I've wanted this bag for a long time and I am glad I finally caught it on sale. I also wanted to introduce myself because i just recently began using this site. My name is Christine, I live in LA, I'm a student, I recently got engaged. I'm so happy to see there are so many others like myself! I'm going to try to post a link to the bag so you can see it but I think someone else recently posted it:

  2. Hi! That's a super-cute bag!! Love the pink and the chain/key part too :jammin:
    I'm pretty new here too - this site is sooo addicting! I just got my 1st Gucci this past weekend too! New britt hobo! Welcome and enjoy your new Gucci!!!!:happydance:
  3. Congrats!Try to take a pic wearing it for us !!
  4. COngrats on that great buy.
  5. Congrats & welcome! Lucky girl...getting it on SALE!! :heart: Emmy
  6. congrats and welcome to TPF! :biggrin:
  7. Welcome Christine! Great bag!!
  8. I am starting to like Gucci as well, I love the s/s wallets and bags , so 80's lol oh most ppl wont like that but................ I love them!!!!! welcome
  9. I find it highly unlikely that you and Sandy got the same bag for 50% off. But congratulations, its a lovely bag, Ive seen it. Id say the velvet stripe is lavender though.
  10. Great first bag! My first gucci wasn't nearly as cute. I'm glad you found the forum. Welcome.
  11. very pretty, congrats!
  12. I love this bag.

  13. so lovely... congrats:heart:
  14. pretty, congrats!
  15. Gorgeous bag! Congrats :biggrin: