My First Gucci -- A quick reveal - what are your thoughts?


Jun 27, 2007
South Florida
So, I stumbled upon this bag a few months ago and fell in love. I know it seems kinda boring, but something about it drew me in. I love the clip closure and I'm a crossbody addict - hands free for the win! It just seemed like a bag that would go with everything, ya know? I had visions of me wearing it to work, out to lunch, on a safari, galavanting through the streets of some nameless city... the list goes on.

Yesterday was THE day. I brought her home and couldn't be happier! Check her out in all her glory in my artfully composed and filtered iPhone photo. :roflmfao:

Here's my question for y'all - am I crazy for falling in love with a seemingly boring, passé monogrammed bag? Do any of you guys still have love for monogrammed bags? I own a Neverfull and a Damier Speedy B and love them dearly, but I also know that monogram is "old". I also own an anthracite Balenciaga City and several contemporary bags in various colors. However, my bag choices as of late have gotten much more conservative and lately I find myself drawn to functionality more so than design. And as I've gotten older - I dunno, there's something about monogrammed prints that I find aesthetically pleasing. What do you ladies think?


Aug 20, 2013
The Garden State
What I've learned about monogram is to each is own. I love monogram but I keep reading on here so many people who hate it. If you like it and it fits your needs/ wants, I say keep it. I think this particular bag is cute and practical all at the same time. Plus the picture with the backdrop of the city is pretty cool!


Nov 14, 2012
Very nice bag! I love this print. The beige/brown/light gold combination is very classy. I think the GG logo is a timeless classic, and will never go out of fashion. Just make sure to wear it in combination with clean neutral colors, so the different pattern want compete with eachother.


May 23, 2009
G-orgeous H-eaven
Congratulations, totally classic and hugely practical!

What's not to love? :biggrin:

Oh and BTW, I also have become a lot more appreciative of classic, clean cut bags lately :yes: