My first Goyard!

  1. In my search for a new work/travel tote, I happened to come across Goyard. Being totally new to this brand, I was fascinated by its history and fell in love with the Artois MM. :heart: After reading the positive reviews on this forum and getting input on the wear and tear of this bag, I finally decided to purchase. It’s a great lightweight bag that I think will be perfect for daily use and for travel. The top zip is a really nice feature! Here she is - thanks for letting me share :biggrin:
    8A1EFC0E-D64E-4A87-BB25-65E90CF0A6D5.jpeg 9B8F1CEA-F236-460D-B6F1-AD014A425237.jpeg
  2. Yes
    Really nice functional design
  3. Where did you find this? It’s gorgeous.
  4. I purchased it from the Goyard boutique in Neiman Marcus in Chicago. Loving it!
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  5. Going to get out my black st. louis pm very soon
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  6. Stunning❤️
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  7. Thank you!
  8. Gorgeous! I love this bag so much. It's probably one of my best purchases/investments also! :heart:
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  9. Beautiful! congratulations.
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  10. congratulations!
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  11. Thank you! I’ve been carrying this tote every day and just love it! It’s so light and just perfect!
  12. Very nice! Congratulations!
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