My first GOYARD

  1. DSC00334[1].jpg
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  2. Awesome!
  3. Whoa! What a first piece! More pics please, would love to see the inside!
  4. OMGosh...... It's gorgeous!!!!
    Yes pls can we see more pics and hear more about your beautiful piece?!!!!!:smile:
  5. WOW! Absolutely amazing. Congrats :flowers:
  6. OMG !!! :smile: :smile: :smile: :woohoo::nuts::woot::loveeyes::worthy::salute:
  7. Yes, it's really amazing!
    I'll add more pics for you all.
  8. DSC00410.JPG



  9. DSC00401.JPG

  10. WOW! It's so rare to find good pictures of this kind of Goyard piece.

    Everything is immaculate!
  11. My first goyard was a box in black. Love it, so practical and I use it practically every day!!
  12. Beautiful!
  13. Amazing..... The craftsmanship is unbelievable!!!
    While my only pieces from goyard are 2 St. Louis bags......seeing this makes me really appreciate the brand even more... Again congrats!!!:smile:
  14. stunning, congrats!
  15. The craftsmanship and the details are TDF! :loveeyes: