My First Goyard...REVEAL!!!!!!

  1. Fab! Congrats!!
  2. Love it. Now I want one too!
  3. Very nice! Not a big fan of wallets for myself, however I've been very interested in a Goyard card holder. I just love their pattern/print!
  4. Love!
  5. cute!
  6. Yeah love their pattern and craftsmanship!
  7. beautiful!
  8. Nice wallet.
  9. Nice piece! Congrats
  10. I think it's the Goyard Card Case.
  11. Nice! Congrats & enjoy!
  12. Very nice, congratulations!!
  13. Looks ace, I really like the black Goyard colour base, I'm heading down to the London store in about a months time (gives me a chance to earn some more money!) and planning on getting a card holder or the drawstring coin pouch thingy.

    I think this card holder is called a "Marc" but I'm not sure so don't quote me on it!
  14. great!!!!! i would love to hear what you, but i did see the drawstring pouch and really liked it, but liked a card holder better. but thanks and yes i do believe it is called Marc!!!!:smile:
  15. Congrats!