My first Goyard reveal!

  1. It's a beautiful bag!
  2. Love it!!! Congrats.
  3. Gorgeous Marquis! It looks great on you! What a wonderful alternative for the St. Louis!
  4. Love the shape and style of this bag. Congratulations on your purchase!
  5. Beautiful bag, looks perfect on you!
  6. Super cute!! Congrats!
  7. classy....
  8. I love it! And you look great with it. Congrats!:smile:
  9. aww i was trying to look for your goyard bag reveal and bumped into this one.. very nice! a great working bag for sure =)
  10. My piping looks the same. Got mine today and love it. It is deceptively big....but does not look it...which I like! Love this bag...more that the St.
  11. Thank you all so much! Most of my friends do not care for bags nor Goyard so I'm so excited to share her on here.

    You are too funny! Thank you for being a reader. I have a backlog of blog posts, but I couldn't wait to show her on this thread as soon as possible ; )

    You will love it! What color did you order?

    Barneys Boston : )

    I bought it to wear over my shoulder, but I soon realized it's not designed to be. I can fit the straps over my shoulder comfortably (maybe harder with a thick coat on), so I'll be switching between shoulder, crook of arm, and just hand-held. My friend tried it on and couldn't get it comfortably over her shoulder.

    Thank you so much! I think she'll be getting a lot of attention on my blog (eventually) : )
  12. Thank you! I completely agree. I originally had St. Louis in my hands and for the price it just didn't feel right. I almost didn't see this bag because a woman was returning it just as I was about to walk out (she wanted the white instead, hehe).

    Aw, how funny! You know me too well ... I ran straight to TPF to reveal : )

    Okay that makes me feel better. I was going to go in to look at another one to see if I got something defective. What color did you get? My store only had black, which I didn't mind, but I probably could've easily been swayed by a beautiful color.
  13. I got black on black, but wanted it and only found it at Barney's...did you go to Bergdorf's or ?? The Bordeaux looks pretty too...and white for summer would be awesome. Iahd a white St Louis PM, and I swear it looked great the whole thi wuld be the one bag I would consider in white....what other colors were you thinking?
  14. I was considering this or Hardy as well but I wasn't sure if the base will be too wide for my liking. St. Louis doesn't have a fixed base so I have the flexibility to add in a bag shaper if I wanted to.

    Does the base feel like it's in the way?
  15. Big Congrats OP. This is my favorite Goyard style. Hope you don't mind me sharing, I have two of them.

    The tan on black


    And the blue with Goyard logo


    I love the Marquise