My first Goyard reveal!

  1. Thank you ladies for allowing me to share my first Goyard purchase on here. I became a fan of this brand many years ago but never found the right style bag.

    I originally got a St. Louis in beautiful blue, however no zipper = no-no for me.
    PS - is it typical for the side piping/trim to be not perfectly straight? I don't know whether this is a quality issue or just a result of items being hand-made.
  2. Here she is! The Goyard Marquises tote:

    What I like:
    - zippered top (with end tucked in)
    - small pocket inside
    - metal feet and a hard base to keep the shape!


    And lastly, a modeling pic!

  3. Saw your tweet and was like "Wah, new bag baby is here! Gotta see gotta see...*off to google for TPF goyard thread*"

    That bag is lovely, Jean! I have no experience with Goyard bags, so I can't answer your questions (I'm sure another tPFer would be happy to, hehe). I can't wait to see more pics on your're going to share more, right?!
  4. OMG-just saw this and got excited because I just ordered this bag too!! Beautiful bag- really awesome!
  5. That is stunning and so are you! Perfect choice!
  6. Yes great bag!! I especially like the woody part that is not common in all goyard bags.

    And it definitely looks good on you!
  7. Great bag looks awesome on you:hbeat:
  8. Amazing purse! What a great find!

    Where did you purchase?
  9. Yay, congrats on your new, beautiful bag! Will you be carrying this mainly in the crook of your arm or will the straps also fit on your shoulder?
  10. Love this, congrats! Btw-you're stunning, would love to see more mod pics!
  11. looks great! congrats!
  12. oh no, another bag I like...
  13. Lovely....congrats on your new bag!
  14. just beautiful..congrats!!!:smile::smile:
  15. Congrats!