My First Goyard Reveal - Brought Something Home From Paris!

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  1. Beautiful photos!!! :tup::nuts: It makes me want to visit Paris even more... And of course, gorgeous Goyard! I just bought the exact same bag. ;)
  2. gratz
  3. Cari284, these are spectacular pictures. Makes me want to go to Paris right away. And congratulations on your two additions!
  4. LOVE your thread! You and your husband are great photographers! Thank you for sharing your memories with us! Your St Louis was the cherry on top!
  5. Hi. Great buys from Goyard. Eversince you posted the pictures of the St Louis, I told myself that i should buy one of this since I will be in Paris soon. Would you mind if I ask you how much you paid for the St Louis? I did some research that last year, it was 580€ and they mentioned that they had increased the price.
  6. Hi. Where did you buy your goyard bags in Manila? How much does it cost for the St Louis.?
  7. Nice bags........congrats!!!!!
  8. Absolutely gorgeous photos and beautiful bags!
  9. I'm so jealous of your bags! You wear them all so nicely. Congratulations!
  10. Thank you so so much :smile:

    In Paris they said that the new price would be 650€ so I think that's the price now. Thank you :smile:
  11. Thank you both :smile:
  12. What size Chanel is that?
    Sorry for the random question :P
  13. Beautiful pictures, I'm glad you had a good time coming to Paris, we have had the most amazing spring weather this year. And very beautiful bags you got!
  14. Congrats on your bag, lovely pictures of Paris, could you tell me where did you eat that amazing burger ? I will go there for my next trip to Paris !!
  15. omg ur camera is awesome! love the st louis. congrats!!!! I am glad you got it!!!! I am still pissed at myself to this day. I was so overwhelmed while i was in paris that i went to every store except goyard (forgot it was there) I did go to herems (right next door right?) and bought some junk i never used!!!!!!!!! LOL

    Congrats mama!!! I want it soooooo bad
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