My first Goyard delivered from Paris!

  1. I received a package from rue Saint-Honoré courtesy of my dear hubby ;)
  2. Woo! A live one! Let's see!!!
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    goyard1.jpg DSC_7885.JPG DSC_7900.jpg goyard2.jpg
  4. My perfect summer bag! :sunshine:
  5. Hello, yellow!!! Congrats! It's gorgeous!!
  6. Thank you!

  7. Beautiful!!! congrats & enjoy!
  8. Such a cheery colour! Your hubby is really sweet. Congrats!
  9. Great hubby and fabulous Goyard!
  10. Congrats! Love it we are bag twins.. I just got a yellow gm!
  11. WOW! Absolutely stunning! Many congrats! :flowers:
  12. Could you do a review on it? That would be amazing! :flowers:
  13. Yes! I'm going to receive it's in the mail..and I will post my video review when completed:smile:
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    Thanks! My daughter is enjoying it :smile:
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    Yes, he really is. I can't get enough of the St Louis. I want to have green, blue, burgundy, and white as well. Then shift to the structured ones. It's addicting!