My First Goyard after a long craze , brought back from Paris Motherland

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  1. Well after some disappointment previously in london , where they did not have the bag and the color i want :sad:

    This time round got really lucky :smile: , was in Paris and head down to the Mother-shop in 233 Rue Saint Honore and to be honest it was a Saturday when i visited and was finishing up the last minute shopping in RSH , pop by the store to see what do they have available. In less than 5 minutes , SA approached " Sir how can i help" , asking the color i wanted , and replied i shall checked back in the store. Just like magic the SA walked up with a dust-bag :smile:

    Ps:Took out from the paper bag and as usual the yellow paper :P , thus pics with the pics are not included
  2. Teaser :smile:
  3. ooooh!
  4. Sneaks out

  5. Tada It's the JANSON :smile:

    Back View Of the Bag

    Last But not least the interior of the bag

    Ps: And in my favourite color Green :smile:
  6. Oh wow, how fantastic!!!! Congratulations!
  7. Congrats! My favorite Goyard color...
  8. amazing bag! And amazing color! Congrats!!
  9. Very niiiiiice!
  10. Wow! gorgeous bag, beautiful color!
  11. yummy style.
  12. sooo not common. good choice! :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  13. Congrats! What an awesome piece!!!
  14. Wow, love it! I've never seen this bag before, congrats!!
  15. How lovely!! And I think it's the first of this kind on TPF.