My first gold Goyard

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  1. As a Goyard fan, I tell myself I must have a gold piece of Goyard, so I
    ordered this gold Palace suitcase three months ago, and now it arrived.
  2. Oh WOW! Beautiful. Stunning. Congratulations. :nuts:
  3. This is amazing, absolutely breathtaking! Congrats and thanks for sharing this beautiful piece. :loveeyes:
  4. I just can't stop starring at it... Congrats !
  5. Thank you for sharing! truely amazing piece!
  6. Gorgeous! It's a work of art!
  7. Thank you all guys. It's my pleasure to share with you.
  8. Beautiful! Congrats and enjoy :smile:
  9. Wow Congrats
    Exquisite piece of work
  10. Could we please have some close up shots of the gold canvas and the inside of the trunk?!

    Also: what other Goyard colors are available only via special order?
  11. Silver Goyardine is available for special order as well, but (just like gold) only for hard sided luggage.
  12. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  13. Yes please show us close up shots. Will you be using it?
  14. Wow! Will this be a decorative object in your home or will you use it for travel?

    Is the canvas part a light brown/khaki color? Is that tone only used for the special gold pieces? I love it, wish it came in regular items with a light tan trim or something like that.
  15. Wow!!!