My first Glacé piece

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  1. I've been wanting something from this line for the longest... I was THIS close to getting a Pocket Agenda a few years ago, but wasn't lucky enough. :hysteric:

    A short reveal... any guesses?


  2. Is it the camera case? Sorry I don't know the name but it is a hard messenger bag :biggrin:
  3. is it Fonzie??? congrats John :tup:
  4. It's the Bobby! The bag is VERY compact, but it's such a hot bag!!! Plus, I'm a big fan of the silver hardware. I was having second thoughts on the bag, but decided on keeping it after carrying the bag around the house with my digicam, Amory sunnies, phone, and T&B Cles inside. :tup: Enjoy!



  5. Love the silver! Nice find! :tup:
  6. DD: Good job! I forgot you also had this bag! How often do you carry yours or what do you usually carry inside if you don't mind me asking?
  7. It looks fantastic, John! Love the color and the silver hardware too!! Congrats!!
  8. this looks great on guys! its perfect for carrying around little knick knacks when traveling. congrats!
  9. Love it! Congrats John!
  10. Wow..the Bobby is very beautiful. I have seen the brown version. The glace products are really quite stunning. Congrats!

    p.s. be careful don't stretch the opening else lines may form :biggrin:
  11. Love the Glace line. Bobby's a keeper for sure. Congrats John!

  12. hahaha... i knew it was a Bobby, but doubted myself so i changed my guess to Fonzie. it looked wider in the dustbag :Push: its a great compact bag when you don't need much to lug around. but it can still pack all my daily needs with space left for a little more.

    the usual suspects:

    • Taiga vertical wallet
    • P. Cles
    • iPod
    • keys
    • LV sunglasses in case
    • small folding umbrella (i always carrry one because whenever i don't i get soaked)
  13. nice! congrats! enjoy!
  14. Very nice, congrats!
  15. Great find John! Congrats! ;)