My first Givenchy!!

  1. So, I've been lurking this forum for a little while. I'm usually into LV, but I've been trying to expand my collection. I've been eyeing up the Pandora messenger for a while and I finally caved!

    Still at the mall but will continue this into a reveal when I get home! :smile:

    In the meantime can any Pandora owners tell me about how the bag changes over time, what I should look out for, etc.? I tend to put in a lot and am afraid of messing up the singular handle. I'll try to use the shoulder strap more, but using that handle looks so chic! Ahh! :smile: Anyway, more soon, I promise!!
  2. I noticed that the handle on my goatskin Pandora is starting to look a little dry, and this is straight out of the store! I used a leather lotion and it seemed to have given it much needed sheen and the mild cracking has disappeared.
  3. Givenchy reveal!




    I love my new large Pandora messenger with textured sheep leather! :smile: I was salivating too long over it online. Had to get it!
  4. Beauty!! Congrats!
  5. I love it. How do you like it?? I've been thinking about this exact bag for a while! Love the pepe leather.
  6. Very pretty!

    How about some mod shots eh? :graucho:
  7. Oh, wow! That's crazy. I'll keep this in mind if it starts to look that way. Thanks for the info!

    Thank you! :smile:

    I really, really like it! It sort of reminds me of my Balenciaga Giant Velo, but it's way larger which I love. It fits so much, and the slouchy, textured leather is fabulous. I'd seriously go for it! It was the last one at my local Neimans so I grabbed it! :smile:

    I'll get there! lol :smile: Mod photos eventually, I promise. Emphasis on eventually, haha.
  8. you'll love this bag, great for traveling, everyday casual, all diff lifestyles, etc. I dont have any problems with my panda that I can tell you about. Definitely try not to overload it, as you don't want to have to restitch leather that comes apart. otherwise, it's a great workhorse bag.
  9. love this bag!
  10. Love it. Enjoy
  11. How beautiful!!
  12. Gorgeous!

    I have the same bag (old style with the flap pocket), which I have been carrying for over a year and it looks just like new.

    I am short, so I use the single handle more often than the shoulder strap. I don't think you have anything to worry about. I carry a heavy load in my Pandora, and the handle has not misshapen at all. The color hasn't changed, and it isn't "sticky" (like what happens to some Balenciaga handles after several dozen wears).

    You're going to love using this bag!!