my first givenchy

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  1. Hi ladies,
    Just wanted to share my first givenchy bag, its the saffia,i hav loved it since 2011,finally bought one
    ForumRunner_20120602_122740.png ForumRunner_20120602_122801.png ForumRunner_20120602_122815.png
  2. very nice!
  3. Love it! Looks so smooshy! Pics are a little dark for me to really see details but overall LOVE it and I hope you do mod shots!
  4. Need some outfit pics with this bag!
  5. Thank you
  6. Thank you,its a good fill in for pandora until i get a good deal pn one
  7. Definitely,will post some soon
  8. Some from shopping today
    ForumRunner_20120604_164712.png ForumRunner_20120604_164737.png
  9. Congrats! That leather looks very good!
  10. Its kinda more scrumptuous than a pandora n mightingale
  11. Very nice bag. Is that an older one or something? At any rate, gorgeous !
  12. Oh it's just stunning! You are so very lucky!
    It almost appears to me as a hybrid between the Nightingale and Pandora. So timeless. Wear in good health.
  13. Its SS11,i wanted it since last year and finally struck a great deal
  14. Yes it is kinda an amazing hybrid
  15. Very gorgeous bag. Congrats.