My first givenchy - the nightingale shopper tote

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  1. I love it very much, its perfect to me and i have to say givenchys quality is better than i expected!! Guess will be having my second givenchy baby soon:p:p
  2. S T U N N I N G!!! Absolutely love your Gales. Congratulation!
  3. Congrats on your beautiful blue gale!!!
  4. I love the color! Is that the Moroccan Blue? :smile:
  5. Im not sure what colour it exactly is, but i saw some websites call it bright blue:smile:
  6. congrats, the colour is gorgeous!
  7. Oh yes, once you purchase a Givenchy you are hooked!! This year I have purchased a Pandora, Lucrezia, and Antigona... working on the Nightingale now.
  8. Beautiful!!! Looks super cute on you with that outfit too! Enjoy her......this blue is really stunning, I love it!
  9. Love that colour! Looks good on you..
  10. That's beautiful. Enjoy and congrats.
  11. It is faboulous!
  12. That's lovely! I think this style hangs better as a shoulder bag
  13. Congrats! It's gorgeous!

    I just joined the Givenchy club myself and looking for a second one already. :p
  14. Nice, congrats!
  15. congrats! it's such a pretty color!