My First Givenchy...Miss Antigona!!!

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  1. I'm typically in the Bal forum but have been lured by the edgy chic style of Givenchy. After MUCH debate on which bag would best serve me, I've decided on medium black Antigona with silver HW. She is from the new season...made of grained goatskin, so very forgiving. Structured yet very pliable and soft. I love touching her! My gosh, this bag holds alot!!! Definitely useful for a mom with two youngsters. I have even sold my TDF baby soft Balenciaga black City cuz I think Antigona has really won my heart.:love:





    I'm only 5'4" and find the bag to be a perfectly size for daily use. I load all my daily crap and still have a ton of room left. The handles are very comfortable. The strap is wide enough to not dig into the shoulder. It sits very nicely and doesn't slide off. I don't feel like my frame is overwhelmed by the medium. I was initially worried that the dramatic presence of this bag would overwhelm me but it doesn't. There have been other bags that wore me, rather than I wear them...not so with Antigona. She is stunning and unique enough to be captivating but she is not overwhelming.

    Here is what she looks like on me....



    Thank you ladies for all your input and help as I researched which Givenchy would be right for me and thank you for letting me share. :biggrin:
  2. Oooh I love it! Enjoy!
  3. omg i love it!!!
    i've been deciding between this leather or the shiny one...
    what made you decide to get the grained leather??
  4. Wow! I love it!!

    The goat skin is just gorgeous, isn't it? I think that your Antigona will probably soften up a bit more than the smooth leathers.

    It's just breathtaking, I can totally see why you would choose this over the City.
  5. U were made for the antigona! Im sure it wont be your last G bag.
  6. Congrats on your newest acquisition. Quite a few of us Givenchy lovers are also bbag lovers so you are in good company!

    Enjoy your Antigona in good health!
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    Oh my.,,, this is such a great looking bag:smile: I just got my first givenchy (2 pandoras) and your post is making me confused as to whether I'm getting an antigona or a nightingale next or BOTH!:loveeyes: But I'm shorter than you, so maybe a small would suit me more, but definitely this color is on my wish list.
  8. I'm loving your Antigona. That black goatskin is to die for! I've always loved the Antigona from a distance. Do you think a fashionable guy can pull it off?
  9. Uhhhh girl! Loves it on you! It looks wonderful. So glad you went with your gut instinct and took the plunge.

    Like I said - wait til it smooshes. You're in for a world full of happiness that even a Bal ultimate-slouch-lover could appreciate!
  10. Ooohh....I am thinking about you think this is a good everyday bag..???? Love to see what it can hold...?
  11. Wow I'm in love!! I think I need to save up for my next Antigona purchase. Looks like goat skin is more soft than calf
  12. Love this! Looks great on you.
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    Thank you so much everyone!!

    (I've added some more useful photos.)

    I can already feel the leather relaxing. She gives as I wear her and with the weight of my stuff, there is a little fluctuation in the body so I don't feel like I carry a box. The goatskin feels great. I haven't touched a calfskin so I don't know how they would compare to each other. It feels more like skin touching skin rather than say, touching a coated material.

    I shipped out my beautiful black City and I don't feel sad at all. I still have 2 left in my collection so I will have Bals to use but Antigona is so different in so many ways. She is like a breath of fresh air!

    BAG WIFEY: I think you would need to stuff the smaller Antigona with your things and see how they fit. I know the small would be too small for my daily use. Plus, I've seen photos of it worn by the shoulder strap. The handles look like they can dig into your armpit b/c the shoulder strap is pretty short. The medium doesn't do that. There is plenty of clearance. The good thing is that Antigona is more horizontal than vertical, so I think it works well with the shorter frames, while a vertical bag may cause you to look even shorter.

    I was torn between the Nightingale and Antigona too but the big strike against Nightingale is that I cannot slip my arm through the handles with a winter coat on. I live in Michigan, so I need a handles that accommodate my arm with a winter coat.

    MELIKEY: I think Antigona is an ideal style for guys. RERE and I were talking about how it has a masculine-ness to the style. It is a bag that truly has a strong presence and combines feminine and masculine characteristics in a chic, elegant, cool way.

    BIRKIN GIRL: I took some more photos of what I carry, how much it fills the bag, and comparison shots with the well-known LV Totally MM....hope this helps anyone trying to get a better idea on the bag's size and capacity. Here is a link to a page in the Blond Salad blog site where Chiara has entries with her small sized Antigona.

    Here is the inside, full of my daily stuff.

    Everything I carry each day

    All that stuff inside comes up this high inside the bag. LOTS of capacity still left.

    Compared to LV Totally MM



    Antigona's shoulder strap and the Totally's handles are close in length. Both are so comfortable to wear on the shoulder.

    Thanks for all your wonderful comments! :smile:
  14. Looks great on you hrhsunshine! Thank you for the pics, I don't think I could ever tire of looking at other's reveals!
  15. Beautiful. I love that the angtigona is finally being made with silver hardware. You wear it well.