My first Givenchy - instant reveal!

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  1. Hi ladies, I am new to this subforum and have just purchased my first Givenchy bag - a medium Antigona in red goatskin :yahoo: I am totally in love and wanted to share some photos of my new beauty!

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  2. Unfortunately my iPad will only let me upload one photo at a time...

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  3. It's beautiful. So rich and eye catching. Enjoy it!
  4. Thank you! The red is a lot deeper in real life than it appears in my photo. It may be my first Givenchy but definitely won't be my last :graucho:
  5. That is a very lovely red! Congrats on your new beauty! :smile:
  6. Thanks! :smile:
  7. Gorgeous! Love the pop of color. Congratulations!
  8. A great first buy!! Welcome!!
  9. Congratulations on ur first Gbag!! What a great statement piece! She will surely add some edge and cool to ur lovely classic collection. Enjoy and welcome!
  10. Congrats on your new bag! Love the red!
  11. adorable. enjoy your new bag and welcome to givenchy!
  12. Congrats, what a beautiful red! Good buy.
  13. This might be my favorite color.... It's gorgeous!
  14. Thanks :smile: I carried her with me to work today with a black dress and red lipstick and the colour just popped - can't stop looking at it!

    Thanks for your kind words :smile:

    Thanks for your lovely comment!

    Thank you!

    Thanks for the lovely welcome!
  15. Thanks, I can see this being a slippery slope!

    Thanks, some of the other colours are beautiful too but for me I had a gap in my collection for a red bag - so this is perfect! I would love to add a black one though at some point :smile: