~ My first Givenchy bag -- GALE BLK or BURGUNDY???

  1. Dear All --- I would really appreciate your opinion on this. I cannot decide whether to purchase my first gale in BLACK or the new BURGUNDY color. Both are goat skin with silver HW. Here are the issues:

    1. The Blk one is about $200 more.
    2. The Burgundy one is a new color for the Fall but may go out of style.
    3. I also just bought a Saint Laurent "sac du jour" and Philip Lim Pashli both in Black.

    In summary, I guess I am trying to convince myself to go for the Burgundy but always got pull back because of the Seasonal Color.

    I am so confuse...please share your opinion on what color you think I should get!!!

    Gale - Blk.jpg Gale - Burgundy.jpg
  2. Burgundy!! unique saturated color and not so difficult to pair.
  3. 2 hands up for burgundy!! I love the colour!!
  4. I vote for BURGUNDY!
    1. You own a lot of blacks.
    2. Burgundy is cheaper.
    3. Burgundy is a great neutral red thats easy to match.
    4. Burgundy will never go out of style.
    5. Givenchy might not bring back the beautiful color burgundy after this season.
    6. You can get black anytime, any season.
  5. Another vote for burgundy!
  6. Burgundy!

    It is a seasonal so you won't have forever to get the color. If you truly want black later on, it will always be available.
    I have seen the burgundy IRL and it is a superb neutral wearable color.
    I would say great alternative to black, grey, brown bags for sure!

    I would not limit it to just the cooler seasons. It would work nicely even spring and summer. You see plenty of people carrying brown bags year round...burgundy would fit the same way.
  7. I'm not much help b/c I've been torn b/t these 2 also. I really like the burgundy & feel I should get that color b/c I have black bags, but then I only use my colored bags occasionally & use my black ones all the time. Do you mind me asking where you saw the medium burgundy? I've only seen it in small. If you decided to go with black you can purchase it from Forward with the 15% off app code.
  8. THANK YOU ALL!!! and Yes, BURGUNDY is the winner!!! I've made my purchase :smile:
  9. I purchased the Medium Burgundy from Farfetch. I just started browsing here recently and really like it since you can get very good price sometimes. :smile:
  10. congrats! I love the burgundy color! please post pictures here when you get it, I'd love to see it.