My first GH-Part time Balenciaga

  1. I just got this bag yesterday.It is gorgeous! I love it , and now I am afraid that it will be worn-out sooner than it should be. Especially on gold hardwear, is it gonna fall off?, can it get rusty? :sad: :sad: Are there special needs to treat this bag for keeping its shining look? Plus, the weather is horrible here, wind, snow, wind again rain...can u give me some tips?:confused1:
    gh-part time.jpg gh-part time2.jpg
  2. wow how gorgeous, looks great on you.
  3. oooh, you're bag looks great, and you wear it well...congrats!
  4. Congrats on your beautiful bag! You're so pretty, too! You kind of look like Bjork.
  5. Love it!! It looks awesome on you!!
  6. Wow how gorgeous, looks great on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Congrats on ur fabulous bag. I love GH part time too!!!

    Btw, it may be too soon to tell. So, don't worry beforehand...
  8. I love your part time:love: ...the GH is really growing on me...:drool:
    The bag really suits you you're so very pretty.
  9. can wear the handles on your arm WITH a coat on? I guess you must be teensy weensy. You look amazing, btw!!! :smile:
  10. Wow, Stila - the bag looks amazing on you!

    I love it. Don't have any advice for you regarding the hardware though.
  11. This bag looks so fantastic on you. I am not a big fan of GH, but it looks like it was meant for you... The coat is beautiful as well! And spiralsnowman is right, you do look a little like Bjork (which I mean as a compliment).

    As for the weather, I just wear my bags anyway. It rains a lot where I am and I can't see not using my bags. I bought them to wear. I treat them with leather conditioner and protectant and have never had any rain damage. In fact, the only one of my bags that has any damage at all is my black City, which spent a lot of time out in the sun in the tropics with the lady who owned it before and has faded a lot.

    I would suggest looking into some LMB or Apple Guard (I've even used Ikea's leather products and they worked great) products to help the leather stay as nice as possible, but otherwise, just enjoy it!
  12. I love that bag!!! Although I've owned two B bags, I've never actually seen this style before! Very nice. You model it well.:yes:
  13. Gorgeous bag...and PERFECT on you !!!
  14. Wow, that is a case of YOU making the bag even hotter than it is. LOVE IT on you!! Well, I love it anyway but it is freaking awesome on you!
  15. Wow, Love the bag!! And as everyoen has said, this bag looks amazing on you!!! i dont think too many people can pull of the GH, especially on darker colours, but u definately can!!!