My first GENUINE Chloe!

  1. Hi girls,

    well, I bought a paddy earlier in the year which I have mixed opinions about (a lot of authentics but quite a few not!) but....all that aside, I have finally bought myself a Chloe Edith in tan, (from net-a-porter for my own piece of mind!) and I am so excited :yahoo:

    Thank you all for your patience with my constant questions :heart:
  2. Congrats on your bag and do post modelling pictures when it comes in....I hope you love it!

    I haven't had much luck with paddies either (not inlove) but do love my edith bags and the 3rd is on its way.

    BTW, maimi NM outlet had some whiskey Edith(the most gorgoues bag ever) bags for $510!
  3. yayyyy:yahoo:
    i hope she arrives soon.... i never can stand the waiting:drool:
  4. Congrats! What a fabulous choice (I'm biased...)

  5. cngrats- I'm eyeing edith as well!! Lucky you!! I much more piece of mind just buying from store. I'd almost rather pay full price than have to agonize over whether something's real....
  6. Congrats on the Edith, I own a couple and they are a bag that has a timeless appeal. I've returned every Paddy I've bought, I've finally decided I'm not a Paddy gal.
  7. Aw thank you everyone, I'm so excited, she's due to arrive tomorrow :heart:
    I saw it at the weekend and just bought it and today I found out I got a payrise because I passed my exam, so I couldn't have timed it better!
  8. mmm I completely agree, my black paddy came off eBay and no one can make a 100% authentication!

    At least we'll sleep at night ;)
  9. cant wait to see some pictures!
  10. She arrived this morning and I've just got home from work so here you go....

    STA60475.JPG STA60476.JPG
    STA60477.JPG STA60479.JPG

  11. :tup:congrats on the edith and the payraise and exam!

    edith is a lovely chloe classic, like paddy, enjoy enjoy!!
  12. Congrats! It's beautiful, and that colour looks so rich & yummy, truly a classic bag!
  13. congrats... It really looks nice
  14. good for you! What a nice congrats present to yourself!
  15. ok, now i'm feeling nervous!

    jenz, i have a whiskey edith messenger similar to the one you bought, and my serial number is the same serial number as yours! except, the number is upside down on the tag - ie, when you hold the tag at the seams, the number is upside down, not right side up the way it is with jenz's tag.

    can anyone tell whether this is a question of authenticity? or a chloe QC problem? i bought my bag from bergdorf's on sale.