My first Gauffre Thanks to Miu2!!

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  1. MIU2-- just wanted to say thanks again for posting about the great deals. I got my grey patent gauffre in today from Jenni and she is a beauty. This will be my first Prada!!

    Thanks again. Love the bag.
  2. VERY pretty!
    Make sure u post pics in the SHOW US YOUR GAUFFRES thread too!
  3. Congrats!
  4. BEAUTIFUL!! Love the color!
  5. I absolutely love that little patent gaufre -- such a gorgeous color too !! Yummy
  6. congrats on yr gorgeous bag:yes:
  7. Who is Jenni? I would love to buy a bag like that!
  8. ^ Jenni is Miu2's Prada SA who sends Miu2 the fabulous emails on the bags on sale that Miu2 posts in the deals section. I got this 50% off!! Woo hoo.
  9. I love patent!!
    Modeling pics needed!
  10. Gorgeous! Congratulations!
  11. that is a true beauty! i absolutely love the color... will go with just about everything. congrats!
  12. I have seen this irl and its a beauty. Actually to me, all prada gauffres are beauties hehehehe.....Congrats!
  13. Ooooo, I haven't seen the gray patent IRL before. Vuuurrry nice. :yes:
  14. Thanks everyone. I may be starting a prada addiction!! I just got in her big brother today.
  15. Oh just LOVE it!!!! Congrats!!!