My first G - Pandora help me decide:)

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  1. Hello! I just decided I really do need a first Givenchy in my life and it would be a Pandora. However, indecisive as per usual, I can´t decide - I am 5´5, do I get the small or the medium? Medium just looks too big at some pictures and really great on o ther pictures. I have no chance trying the bag in a boutique as I am located in the Czech republic with no Givenchy store. Also are there black Pandoras with ghw? I need to be buying from within Europe (otherwise I would have to pay taxes and duties when shipping from the outside) and I can´t find ghw available anywhere. Last question - do I go pepe or goatskin? I really love how sleek the goatskin looks but also love how different pepe is. This should be a workhorse bag so I am leaning toward the goatskin but really would love your input on the size and hw color! Thanks:smile:
  2. Hi! I recently just purchased a Pandora and had all the same questions. I'm 5'6". I wanted to love the small since I don't carry much on a daily basis, but it looked too small on my shoulder. It also didn't slouch/flatten as much as I wanted so I exchanged it for a medium and it looks better on me.

    I decided to get the goatskin since it seems less prone to fading from what I read. Hope that helps!
  3. I'm 5'6" and my medium is perfect! I don't think it would be too big on you. I love how the medium has an additional tiny pocket on the front too - perfect for keys.

    Black pepe generally has gold HW, while black goatskin usually has silver, so if you really want gold you should go with pepe! I haven't worn my pepe bag enough enough to comment on durability from my own experience, but since you're going for black, fading won't be a concern. I've read on this forum elsewhere that it will show wear on the corners eventually, but using a leather protector will make it look as good as new for a looong time.
  4. I'm also 5' 6" and my pandoras are both medium. It's the perfect size for everyday I think, and never feels too big. I chose the goatskin because I prefer the look of it to the pepe, and its proved very durable. I hope that helps!
  5. Thanks for all the input I really appreciate it! Well I think I will go with the medium finally just cant decide on the finish - either pepe in gold or goat in silver. I am really contemplating ordering both and deciding then:smile:
  6. That could be dangerous - you'll want to keep them both :biggrin:
  7. :biggrin: unfortunately that really is not an option:sad: I am really torn on the finishes and hardware colors. The only place I found in Europe that has the black one with gold (in pepe) is Selfridges and it is way more expensive than what Pandora normally sells at Farfetch, MyTheresa or other sites:sad:
  8. I have just ordered black medium in goatskin with silver hw.. So we will see how much I love it once it arrives:smile:
  9. I hope you love yours as much as I love mine! I have the large black goatskin. It's my go-to bag in the winter especially bc it fits my big scarf, gloves, etc. it's ultra durable too.
  10. I have this bag and absolutely adore it!!! I hope you love yours.
  11. It arrived today and its love! Thanks so much for all the input, I am really glad I ordered the medium, it is the perfect size and is actually smaller than I thought it would be and the small would be too small I think. I really love love the silver on the goatskin so she is a keeper:smile: