My first foresta!

  1. 10 minutes before I left for work, the postman dropped this off into my mailbox! I've got no cash (going to college in August :p I'm brooooke), so I decided to start out small with my foresta obsession~ I just love the placement, though!! :yahoo:

    Look, there's Sandy! When I bought the bag from eBay, I didn't even know there was a Sandyyy on ittt :p I was so excited when I saw!

    ...and though I was a little intimidated by it's small-ness when I got it, I absolutely LOVE my bocce after using it!! It fits everything I need (which isn't much), and looks totally cute on my wrist! :p

    Here's a picture of me with it:

    :biggrin:!! Yay!
  2. Yay! congrats Dancing Nancies!! Your bocce is cuute! :yes: I'm glad that it fits everything you need! I always wondered if it was a style people could actually use and now I see that it is!!
  3. You look so cute with the bocce. Make me want a bocce now. hehe
  4. So cute! I like the style of the Bocce, but I could never fit everything I need in it!!! Congrats on your new bag:smile:
  5. It's pretty small haha... a lot smaller than I pictured it being. But thankfully it fits my keys and cellphone - and the pocket where the cellphone is supposed to go fits my credit/debit cards, license, oil blotting pads, and a little handheld mirror~ Just the essentials :p
  6. thanks :3 I say you should get one, especially since they're like... the least expensive toki bag on eBay a lot of the time :p haha
  7. Thank you! :yahoo:
  8. Cute, cute, cute!
  9. Cuuute bocce! It's my first time seeing a picture of someone carrying a bocce and it is definitely small...but very nice nonetheless!!
  10. Thanks guys :p
  11. Cute!!! The Bocce is one bag I don't have that I've always been kind of curious about. Nice to see it on a person!
  12. congrats! it looks so cute on your wrist!
  13. man so i just talked myself out of wanting a bocce in anything...cuz yanno i'm trying to be sensible with my toki buying...n i was fine with my decision! n now that i see your kyoot foresta bocce..ack! now you make me want it again...good job! :tup: i'm so easily influenced...-.- lolz
  14. Congratulations!:tup: I have an Arancia Bocce that I really like using too. You're right, it's just big enough for the essentials.
  15. your bocce is sooo cute. congrats !