My first foray into the world of H!

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  1. Who's up for a small reveal??
  2. My first orange boxes!! 20190216_163421.jpg
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  3. A small hint.... 20190216_163500.jpg 20190216_163526.jpg
  4. Here they are! A 24mm belt with a hammered mini constance belt buckle and a gorgeous twilly to tie around my neck in the spring and summer months 20190216_164020.jpg 20190216_164036.jpg
  5. Thank you
    I hope you enjoyed making the purchases
    you have started down a slippery slope
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  6. Good choices. Enjoy each piece!
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  7. Excellent choices. I especially love your belt. Wear them in good health.
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  8. Haha I thoroughly enjoyed it! And I can't wait to slide down the H slope!
  9. Thank you! I definitely will!
  10. Thank you so much!
  11. I love your twilly and belt!! That hammered buckle is outstanding!!! Congratulations!!!!
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  12. Awww you're so sweet! Thank you!
  13. Welcome to Orange haha
    May the orange force be with you
  14. Congratulations. Hope you get many more orange boxes.
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  15. Congrats on your purchases. Welcome to the world of H. Where once you start you can’t stop
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