My First Foray Into the World of Bottega Veneta

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  1. Yesterday I was in San Francisco and for the first time ever I popped into BV. It's on Geary St., which I've pretty much ignored on my past visits, but I was looking for an alternative way to get to Hermes and there it was. The store is pretty small, but the staff was pleasant and for the first ever I found a BV item I *loved*- a woven card case in a stunning shade of blue :love: The SA said this color and a pretty butter yellow were BV's seasonal hues, and the blue was the last one in stock. I'm just completely enamoured with it- H and LV just might have to move over in my heart to make room for BV :lol:

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  2. ^Congrats, ValleyO, the blue on your card case is gorgeous!

    I can totally see why you`d want to add more BV to your collection!
  3. Such a pretty blue!
  4. great color..I have never seen this style before
  5. love the blue. congrats!
  6. valleyO,
    very pretty and congrats on your purchase. get prepared to add more BV items to your collection!
  7. That's so beautiful! Congrats!
  8. Welcome to the BV world, ValleyO!! I have the same card case in ebano and love it so much! I know many regulars here also love H and/or LV and I'm sure all three can share your heart just fine.;)

    PS: Love the Koala in your avatar~~!
  9. Welcome to the world of BV, ValleyO! Your coin purse is such a pretty blue :heart:
  10. Ain't he cute? I found him on an anti-evolution site through Google images :lol:
  11. ValleyO, welcome. You will soon see that BV is a lot like potato can't have just one. Your card case is pretty. From the pic it looks like Oceano. I have a large veneta in that color that's patiently waiting for some spring time weather to make it's debut. Again, welcome. You will find this forum full of friendly, willing enablers.
  12. What a pretty color! Perfect for spring....:smile:
  13. Congrats ValleyO!! The cardcase is gorgeous!!
  14. lovely start ValleyO!!..I'm sure more will follow..
  15. love it! there's plenty of space for BV in my heart...:love:

    congrats! the blue is absolutely stunning :girlsigh: