MY First "First" OMG I'm in Love!

  1. Hi, I finally drove to Fed Ex and picked up my box from Aloha Rag! I have never gotten a Balenciaga in A Bal Box! It took me a while to get it open, but when I did.....
    I can't believe how gorgeous the Violet First is:yahoo: It is so perfect and evenly distressed with NO flaws. The tassles are lovely and not thin... The leather is so much thicker than my Violet Step and City. I really had no idea how perfect the First is for me. I filled it up with my stuff immediately and could even get a water bottle in it if I had to. I can't believe i waited so long:nuts: I am going to try to post bigger pics.
    balbox.JPG violetinbox.JPG
  2. Congrats to your first first!!! :smile::smile: it looks really gorgeous, I think violet is a great color for the first size :smile:
  3. That is sharp, I love the color and the first size... I think the first is a excellent size and is good for day and evenings out. Enjoy!!!
  4. congrats on your first first! here's to many more bal bags.
  5. LOVE IT! I'm glad there was nothing wrong with it and I think the First style works GREAT with Violet! CONGRATS!!!!!:yahoo:
  6. Here you go!

  7. Your violet first is beautiful! I want one too now!
  8. Here are more pics! One on chair is outside light.
    violetandvogue2.JPG violetinsun2.JPG meandfirst.JPG
  9. Lovely, Thanks for enlarging! How do you do that?
  10. It's so pretty! CONGRATS!!
  11. Here is my Purse Forum Keychain. I got it Saturday too! I put it on the side of the strap, it is so cute! It was a Great Weekend:wlae:
    keychain2.JPG violetandkeychain.JPG
  12. Gorgeous first! Congrats!
  13. oooh wow..looks really gorgeous..
    Congrats on ur cute lil first "first" :heart:
  14. Fabulous! It looks great on you!! Sure wish I could get away with a first. I love the style of it!! Congrats!!
  15. More Pics! I love this it's so comfy!
    meandvioletstrap.JPG meandvioletarm.JPG