My first Fendi

  1. I got this beauty in the mail was on back order and I wasn't supposed to get it until May, but I was pleasantly surprised!
    I wanted to pick a more traditional Fendi bag as my first, but when I saw this I couldn't resist.
  2. I love it!! It's a beauty!
  3. Looks really easy to carry! Congrats on your first!
  4. Thanks ladies - I love it. I wore it out today, it gets lots of attention which I didn't expect! lol
  5. Simply Beautiful.......

    That is a "Retro Style" Fendi Fabric on the outside.

    BIG CONGRATS!! :yahoo::woohoo::yahoo:
  6. that one is awesome. good choice!!
  7. Oh really? I didn't know that. Thanks! :biggrin:
  8. I know it...when I first used my Fendi (my 1st one ever) it got lots of attention. I totally wasn't expecting it either!
  9. Love the bag! Congrats!
  10. Are you still loving this bag?
    I'm seriously getting addicted to Fendi and seriously thinking about this for my next ;)
  11. I highly recommend it. I love this pattern much better than the 'F' logo. I continue to look at Fendi's for my next purchase but have yet to see a Fendi I love as much as this one! I don't like to use it for work (it attracts so much attention) so it's sort of become my weekend bag and it feels like a 'treat' whenever I take it out lol It's very easy too, I can just throw my stuff in there and go.
  12. Does it attract attention because people recognize it as Fendi, or just because it's so good looking?
  13. I'd say it's mixed, I think it might even depend on their generation lol. My mom is more familiar with the pequin stripe and knew it right away. Women my age (mid 20s) just love how it looks and can't really tell it's a Fendi at first unless they're very familiar.
    I think people are also pleasantly surprised/excited so see a Fendi that's not a baguette and/or something with the zucca print.

    I should add, I love the quality. It's not lambskin I have to guard with my life, or watch out for scratching, etc.
  14. Beautiful bag! What is this model called?:smile: