My first Fendi!!!

  1. For our anniversary my DH wanted to get me a Chanel. I really wanted a Classic Flap in red to add to my collection but none of the boutiques in Dubai had it. However, while I was at Burjuman I saw the most gorgeous Fendi bag and I knew I had to have it.

    So thanks to my DH, I now have my first Fendi bag. I’m really pleased with it.

    I am not too sure of the name though (I think it’s a Boston?).

    Some more pics can be found here.
  2. Beautiful bag. I like your Dior bag too. Congrats.
  3. Adorable bag! :nuts: I am so jealous that you can shop in Dubai...I'd love to see that place...:graucho: I hear they have great prices on designer goods...but just seeing the City would be AWESOME :tup:
  4. Very cute- love the white zucchino!
  5. Gorgeous bag!
  6. Great Fendi Katyman! Love your collection too!
  7. Has anyone seen that white Fendi boston bag around in local stores? I'm looking for a great summer bag, and that looks terrific! Is that available in Fendi boutiques or through Neimans? Thanks for any help.
  8. i love the shape of that bag =) congrats! its very pretty
  9. congrats katyman! Nice bag, great color too!
  10. Cute bag!!! It's such a classic bag! Congrats! Good luck finding that elusive classic red Chanel. I wish they made more of those.

    BL1 - You would love Dubai. The city is just electric.
  11. Congrats - both are beautiful!
  12. wow i've never seen that before! it's gorgeous!
  13. Thanks for your lovely comments.

    To Malanierez, I am sure you can find this bag in the US since there are more than one Fendi stores there. Good luck !!
  14. Congrats...enjoy your new bag!!!
  15. Great choice, I adore the color! :nuts: