My first Fendi

  1. Just wanted to show you guys my first fendi. I think it's pretty.
  2. Congrats..!
  3. Beautiful, congrats Jinxster!
  4. A really great choice for your first Fendi. It's gorgeous! :yahoo:

  5. Oh the colours on that bag are so sophisticated. It is absolutely stunning, congrats!
  6. Yay I love this bag!! I want the black patent one!!!
  7. Thanks all. baglady, thanks for making my pic bigger. I wasn't sure how. I lile the colors, but the black one is nice, too.
  8. I like those colors too, great first bag -congrats! It looks so smooth in those pics. Have fun wearing!
  9. Congrats, and you picked a great one, too!
  10. Congrats! This bag is a very good size and looks very nice on.
  11. Pretty! Congrats and enjoy!
  12. Wow that is a beautiful bag...congrats and enjoy!!
  13. love the colors, beautiful bag, congratulations to you!!
  14. congratulations!
  15. congrats, it's a very pretty bag! Enjoy!