My First Fendi!!!!!

  1. Finally had time to take a picture and post my first Fendi!!! My DH picked it out and bought if for me.
    img 010.jpg
  2. Gorgeous B Bag!! Have seen this IRL & the contrast stitching is stunning....Congrats!! :yahoo:
  3. Beautiful bag! I love the patent leather on it:yes:.
  4. Congrat...!
  5. Oh that is such a hot bag for this fall. Your DH has great taste, congrats!
  6. DH is gettin some!!! woohooooo! J/K That is a beautiful bag!!!
  7. Congrats, its beautiful! :nogood:
  8. oooh congrats! Lucky girl you got a great bag and DH! Tayina^^ is your smiley supposed to be nodding a "no"? lol..:nuts:
  9. Oh yeah, and we'd love to see modeling pics if possible! :yes:
  10. Oh, dear! That is a beautiful bag!! Congrats to you! Your DH and my DH need to have coffee!
  11. Yes, modelling/action pics! The B bag grows on me more and more ... what a wonderful DH you have!!
  12. simply beautiful congrats your DH has wonderful taste.
  13. Congrats! What a nice DH.
  14. Gorgy! Modeling pics please!
  15. Congratulations.