My First Fendi!

  1. OMGSH! Im so happy/excited right now :yahoo:

    My dad just got back from his business trip and he was like "I left something in the car can you go get it?" So I went to the car and looked in the boot, and I couldnt find anything. So I checked under the enviroment shopping bags and saw the Fendi dustbag! So i grabbed it and felt the braided handles LOL I was literally like OMGSH ITS A FENDI SPY!!!!!!:yahoo:
    I also got a matching pouch, wallet and cute charms!

    Hehe so i just thought i might share a few pics :biggrin:

  2. Really nice. Like how you have personalised your spy. Looks great and I love the matching accessories!
  3. OMG can your dad adopt me??? I LOVE HIM!! What an awesome dad, lucky girl! Such a pretty and classic color:tup: I must know the secret though..did he know you wanted it or does he just have fabulous taste..
  4. oh yeah the charm looks real cute on it since its black, nice touch
  5. kneehighz - haha he knew i was IN LOVE with the spy because I would obsess about them on the computer and then when were at the LV store and my SA was like "Melody look at my spy!"- hehe so he knew i wanted one but he chose the black! Good choice! haha he said they had a three colour one (i think the tribal) but he chose this one :biggrin:
  6. Aw, your dad is so cute to do this for you! Congrats on a beautiful bag!! The black spy is a classic and the charm is a lovely touch!:smile:
  7. what a sweet dad!! Congrats on your new Spy, it looks really cute with your personalised touch ;)
  8. such a lucky gal and a great dad! i love the charms! :tup:
  9. OH Congratulations.
  10. That was really nice of your dad. Enjoy and congrats.
  11. What a great present!!!Congrats!:yahoo:
  12. Thanks so much guys! I'm officially hooked to the spy now. Everything about it is so gorgeous especially the leather!
  13. Congrats, your dad really is a sweetheard!!!