My first fendi....

  1. It came in the mail today and I love it already. In an effort to save a little money on my part, I opted to search for a previously owned handbag and fell in love with a cognac spy. It looks a little broken in, but I kinda like that about this particular color of the spy. I still love it and to me, it's new! I can't wait to buy more. Only down side is the bag didn't come with a dustbag. Does anyone know where I might be able to buy one?

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  2. Here's the link for the pic....

  3. Congats on your new spy. Gorgeous color. You can get dustbags on eBay, there's actually a few listed right now.
  4. Congrats PML! I like a bag that's been broken in a bit myself, they are a lot softer :graucho: You can always use a pillow case as a dustbag until you get one & yes eBay is the place to buy them...:yes:
  5. I totally agree. My first spy was pre-loved, and it is still very nice. In fact, it may even be softer from the pre-loving than it would be otherwise. The nice thing about buying a pre-owned high-end bag is the leather is high quality and really retains its beauty.

  6. Congrats!
  7. Lovely spy congrats
  8. Great colour for your 1st! Congrats!
  9. It looks lovely, congrats!
    Great color choice
  10. I just won an auction on ebay over the weekend and I'm anticipating it to arrive tomorrow. This will be my first Fendi. Seller claimed that she paid £350 for it and having it at a mere £67 was a real steal I thought, though a 2nd hand but what the heck, its authentic.;). Now that I've made payment for it, she sent me a msg that the bag is now on its way and there are actually some marks here and there on the bag which reflects the price I won it for (!):wtf: There were no mention of marks or whatsoever in her ad on ebay. I'm really worried now...wonder how bad the marks can be. Now it got me thinking if its really authentic.. Hmm.... We'll see when it comes tomorrow. Fingers cross!
  11. oops I forgot to attach the pic of the bag as in her ad...
  12. Congrats ... I was watching this auction too! It's a beautiful spy, I love that it has been broken in gives it some character;)
  13. Congrats Princess mel...
  14. Please post pics of the bag in the "authenticate this" thread when you receive it. For that price, I am a little worried it might be a fake...
  15. Litigatrix,
    I got the bag today. She initially set the reserve price to be £100. because reserve price was not met, she was willing to consider the highest bidder. I shall post pics of it on the 'authenticate this bag' post.... I'm really not sure if its genuine. Fendi experts, plsss HELPPP!