My first Fendi spy arrives today!

  1. I am going mad waiting for the delivery guy!!!! hurry up....:hysteric:
  2. ooooh Tinker, that is really exciting. Fill the time waiting by giving us lovely details lol.

    What colour have you plumped for, and where did you purchase from??

    Hope you dont have to wait too much longer :smile:
  3. Congrats !!! Can't wait you have it and post pics ;) ...
  4. It's a bone/camenticatel colored spy, she posted some pics in the "authenticate this" thread this morning--quite lovely!
  5. Congrats. Can't wait to see the pics!
  6. Yipee, it arrived the delivery guy took so long handing it over to me I thought I was going to have to perfom a hit and run!!!

    So the beauty is here sitting on the top looking gorgeous, I took her out for the her first outing yesterday, i'm so proud!

    Anyone would think I was a new mother!!!
    P6140003.JPG P6140006.JPG
  7. That's such a gorgeous colour!

    congratulations on your new bag :drool:
  8. what a BEAUTIFUL bag :smile:
  9. nice bag, congrats!!
  10. OMG!!!congrats.i love your new baby. i want to buy too. :sad:
  11. Ah congrats :tup: tinkerbelle she's a beauty, wear her well:supacool:
  12. Hello everyone my name is Tink and I am a handbag addict .... :yahoo:

    I want a petrol, a cherry corded one and a grey wisteria, I don't want a lot do I!!

    I love my new bag and my laptop fits in there so it's a perfect travel companion!! :tup:
  13. Tinker-Belle, just watch out; it's a rapid downward spiral.
  14. Its gorgeous!:tup: I get my first one on saturday..cant wait! Cant believe I waited this long-whats wrong with me!
  15. congrats on a beautiful bag ;)