My first Fendi REVEAL!

  1. The most anticipated sale of the season is here! Come join the official NAP sale discussion thread and share your haul with us!
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  1. Just got my first official Fendi item and I'm so excited to share! I'm so impressed with Fendi's quality, I'm obsessed! I can wait to get my second item and start my collection!
  2. Can't wait to see it! I haven't got any Fendi yet myself.
  3. Coco, my cat, wanted to help! :smile:
  4. Please reveal soon!!!
  5. Sorry for the delay! Introducing my new Zucca iPad case! I love it so much, I think my next fendi will either be a XL Baguette or a wallet.
  6. Congrats!
  7. That's nice. I want one and do not even own an ipad but it may be my reason for getting one.
  8. I like it. Can i ask where you bought it
  9. Yea, I actually got it at my local Tj Maxx for $229!
  10. That is fantastic! Congrats!