My first Fendi, just wanted to share!

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  1. Hi! Just wanted to share with you guys my first Fendi! I brought it from a lady who posts on here but also has her own site selling vintage designer bags so I have no reason to beleive it's fake but should you suspect anything please do let me know! It's an animal print baguette and I'm not sure what it's made from I think it could be pony hair, let me know your thoughts please!

    my fendi 004.jpg

    my fendi 002.jpg

    my fendi 003.jpg
  2. Enjoy your new bag!!!
  3. I wish I could help about authenticity, but it sure is a pretty bag--congratulations!! It looks really nice against that chair, too. The colors are great--it should go with everything and is a nice size.

    I have a similar question about a bag I bought when I was new to buying bags--at least I didn't spend much--I think it's authentic, but I don't know--when I learn how to use a digital camera I'll post pics--but I enjoy it because it's so pretty--it's zebra print animal hair with a real suede--lilac color--lining. But it bothers me that I don't know if it's a fake!

    Anyway, enjoy it--it's really beautiful, at least from what I can tell in the picture. :smile:)
  4. it's gorgeous!! wear it in good health!
  5. Congrats & enjoy, it's a stunning bag and it will look great with almost anything!
  6. Looks a lovely bag Congrats
  7. Cute...very unique!! CONGRATS on your very first Fendi...may it be the first of many!!!!!!!

    And welcome to the Forum!
  8. love it .. congrats dear
  9. Can't answer authenticity either.. but the bag itself is real pretty!

    Very unique Fendi that you aren't going to see around everywhere and the pony hair look SO soft!

    Gorgeous colours on that baguette! Congrats on your first fendi! YAY!
  10. Thanks everyone! I took it on it's first outing yesterday and had some lovely comments so feeling very pleased with my purchase and as sharbear said my it be the first on many!
  11. Sweet bag, congrats!