my first fendi i know nothing about it

  1. this is my first fendi the only thing i know about this bag is that i love it :yahoo:

    if you could give me some info on the bag that would be great (when it came out price, etc)

    here she is :heart:
  2. cute bag! I just bought my first fendi too and I love it.
  3. Sorry, know nothing about it, but very cute!!
  4. I am pretty sure this was from the 2005 denim zucca collection. Baglady or Lit (or anyone else) will correct me if I am wrong.
  5. ooo so cute?i bought ma 1st one in sgp too it looks like yours but in FF logos.:smile:
  6. Love it- the tonal quality of the zucca print is really nice and subtle.