My first Fendi bag!!!

  1. Had it for a few months now - and I'm finally posting pics. I think it's called the Duffel Bag - I saw it on Saks in silver - but got it in black. What do you think?
    IMG_2842 (Small).JPG IMG_2841 (Small).JPG
  2. Veru cute! Is it canvas?
  3. Super cute. Canvas Zucchino Tube or Boston Bag. Nice choice for your first. Good price on that one also. Enjoy it!!!;)
  4. omg!!i love your new bag:biggrin:congrats....
  5. cute! i bought one just like that, but in brown. i returned it tho b/c i cant stand holding it on my arm hehe
  6. Congratulations.
  7. Congrats. It reminds me of a LV speedy. Cute.
  8. Adorable bag. I like the one in silver.
  9. So versatile and a great size too..congrats
  10. cute-congrats.
  11. Very classey bag. Lovely. Congrats
  12. Very Very nice. Congrats
  13. Very pretty - great every day bag! Congrats!!!
  14. love it!