My first FENDI bag...EVER! and i love it!!!!

  1. i just had to share my new pride and joy... a black leather Fendi spy...all mine!!!! i am totally inlove with this baby. it's my first ever Fendi, too so it's even more special. :wlae: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. woooow .. stunning .... but it looks petrol to me ? or its the lighting?
  3. it's probably the lighting plus the fact that it's against a blue background. i love it so much!!!!
  4. I thought it looks like petrol as well...
  5. Very lovely. Congratulations.
  6. congratulations!!!
  7. Congrats to you and welcome to the Spy club!
  8. It is lovely! Congrats and ENJOY IT!!!
  9. Congrats! I love the Spy as well - I think it's a fabulous design.
  10. thanks! i am so happy to be a part of the spy club. you girls have no idea how many times i went back and forth to the store before i finally took the plunge. i'm broke but HAPPY!!!:yahoo:
  11. Beautiful! Congrats.
  12. i still see it petrol LOL ... she's gooorgeous
  13. Congrats..I have the black one too and LOVE it...I also have a honey wisteria coming soon..LOL...
  14. i love it. congrats!!! i was finally able to get one once, and was so heartbroken when i finally got it and it was damaged. have not really looked for one since.. but seeing yours makes me want one again. enjoy her. a true beauty!!!
  15. How utterly lovely! It's unbeleivable how bewitching the Spy bag is. It's the first bag in history that I've not only wanted in multiple colors, but wanted multiples of the same color. And it's still a pleasure to see pictures of more Spys. :girlsigh:Congrats! Your Spy is beautiful!!!