My first fendi...a wallet

  1. Well I splashed out last weekend and bought a black fendi wallet,I absolutely love it! Only problem is that after only having it in my handbag a week the logo buckle is very badly scratched - has this happened to anyone else?


    PS will post photo as soon as I can find my camera (have just moved house!)
  2. Where did you buy the wallet? That much wear in a week sounds odd :confused1:
  3. the fendi shop in dublin
  4. L- you might want to take it back to them & see what they say...they will probably take an exchange on it, but you might want to try a different style. I have a Fendi wallet that has been tossed around my spy bags for eons & it does not have the logo no scratch problems....:yes:
  5. I agree with baglady--take it back. I had an experience with a Juicy purse, where it got dirty way too quickly. It wasn't as if I took it puddle-jumping. :p
  6. I think I know what happened now - when I emptied out my bag I found a nail file that I didn't realise was in there - I figure it must have been the culprit - so it's not like I can return in it now :sad: I feel so cross with myself!!!!
  7. That's awful!!! I'm so sorry to hear that this happened! I have a nail file that comes with a case. I bought it at sephora. I recommend it to anyone who needs nailfiles with them. My nails break all the time. Hang in there!
  8. Sorry to here this happened.
  9. oh no.. Lany.. are u able to post a pic of urs?.. I just received a black fendi woven wallet as a gift as well with a big buckle in front.. Am worried now that it will scratch like no body business.. :confused1: