My first fake!

  1. NOT that I bought, before you get out the lynchin' gear! :lol:

    I went into my local charity shop today, coz they have good glassware and as I am lucky enough to live in a rich area, good clothes too - and I saw this gross fake LV (white MC pochette accessories - except, not!) in the Barnardo's shop. My response? - :sick:

    I had to pick it up, feel it, watch as the threads unravelled from the nylon PVC strap.

    It was fugly. :cry:

    Just had to mention it as it's a first for me, and I hope, a last. :Push:

  2. umm, why did u buy it?
  3. ^she said she didn't buy it.

    Did you tell the shop owner? I would've.
  4. how much was it selling for?
  5. lol, Did you tell them that it was a fake?
    I've seen lots of fake LV's in consignment stores before & my worry is that people will buy it thinking it's real! I'm surprised because well, they're illegal, so for a reputable retail store to be selling one is surprising. Sometimes I say something like "oh that's not a very good fake, & it's way overpriced. you can get cheaper fakes at the nightmarket" or something to that extent. LOL
  6. Can anyone suggest where i can get my Fake LV authenticated as a fake. I got it on ebay. yuk! never make that mistake again!
  7. I didn't! :amazed:

    It was for sale for £2.99 or so I think, and it's a charity shop that resells gear donated by members of the public to raise money for a children's charity. People will donate things they don't use or want, like, one top, a few pairs of trousers, or a bag of grannie's old frocks, that kind of thing - there's no wholesale or supplier involved.

    Shops like that are very much buyer beware anyway, because the stuff is dirt cheap and sold used and "as seen" so I strongly doubt anyone would have bought it who was in the market for a real LV.

    I didn't buy it, because I wanted to buy myself a vintage Jane Shilton they had :love: and didn't have enough money for both on me, but I suppose I should have done really as the money goes to the charity not the faker, and it would have taken one fake off the streets!

    Weird, huh - I feel guilty now about not buying a fake! I'll see if it's there tomorrow I guess, it was only about £3 - £5 coz that's the max price for their bags, then bring it home.... and put it straight in the bin! :lol:

    Oh, and sorry I posted this in the wrong forum guys! :shame:

    Cx Ps I didn't tell the owner coz the shop is staffed by volunteers, and the lady at the till was elderly, modestly dressed and I think she wouldn't have understood. If it's still there tomorrow I'll do the decent thing, the charity shouldn't lose out because of this.