My First Exotic!

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    I'm usually an LV girl, and I only have a couple Gucci's from years ago, but I just couldn't resist this cute little number. I had been eying this bag for a couple years and I finally decided to take the plunge during the sale this year!

    I always thought I would end up with one of the neutral colors in the regular leather, little did I know I would end up with one of the exotic versions...

    Any guesses as to what I got?

    Look how nicely the SA wrapped it up too! [emoji4]

  2. Off-white, nut brown and beige or multicoloured python Soho Disco? :graucho:
  3. Reveal! Reveal!

  4. Spot on!

    It's the multi coloured python disco! :biggrin:



    Thanks for looking! :smile:
  5. Awesome colors on that disco!
  6. Congrats on your exotic beauty!
  7. Congratulations it's beautiful!
  8. Soooo stunning!!! :love:
  9. :heart: love all of the vibrant colors! Gorgeous!
  10. Wow that is really special and I bet it looks even better irl. Sadly Australia is really kept out of the loop when it comes to a lot of the best / most interesting Gucci stuff.

    Wear it in good health! :smile:
  11. That is gorgeous!
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