My First Ever .....

  1. Spy in Zucca :love:
    SPYcopy.jpg SPY2.jpg
  2. BEEE..U..TI...FUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yummy looking..I want one!
  3. I love it! Congrats!
  4. gooorgeous ... congrats ...
  5. Absolutely Lovely. I want one too!!!:smile:
  6. Stunning!!! Look at how gorgeous and yummy the chocolate leather is. And the tortuga is out of this world. Congrats and welcome to the Spy insane asylum :flowers:.
  7. the spy in zucca looks sooo good!! congrats!!
  8. :heart: Congrats! She's Gorgeous!:heart:
  9. I talked to my Fendi SA yesterday and she said to be careful which Zucca you buy.The older ones have defectife handles that crack..The new ones she said are a slightly diff color handle and will NOT crack.Just a heads up so you know..Im looking at thi s bag too..LOL!
  10. Thanks Jill for the heads up!

    I ended up returning the bag to S5A and ordered it instead straight from the Fendi boutique in Bal Harbour. I was surprised when I initially spotted the handle and so I called my SA. Unfortunately, she couldn't locate a replacement for me :sad: WHICH is okay....
  11. ^NO Prob! Glad you got another one thru Fendi!
    Im about to get one too but I just ordered the B wallet and also bought a wisteria Spy too this week...EEKS..PHH may start shredding my cards..LOL