My First ever YSL - what you reckon

  1. Hey
    This is also my first ever posting in the YSL thread. Have lots of other bags but have wanted a Muse for such a long time. Managed to get this in the Sale this week. Is it a Bugatti - is that what its called? What do you all reckon? I really like her
  2. lovely! :love: where did you get it on sale and what size is that?
  3. I think it may be the large - got it at Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh. 50% off.
  4. Nice buy! This is the Yse, I think?
  5. This is the Yse bag. It looks great, so congrats.
  6. HI there sorry for my ignorance on YSL but is the Yse different from the Bugatti? what are the differences?
  7. I think it was called the Yse in most cases, but I also saw it called the Yse Bugatti on some of the department store websites. It's similar to the Muse, but not exactly the same. (The Muse has that "Y" shaped section of leather on the front, and its lock is on the front, not on the side.)
  8. ah reckon thats one mahty fahn hendbeg yew got yerself there young lady..... :welcome:
  9. Wow...great deal for a very pretty bag!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Love it!
  11. Congratulations. It is lovely.
  12. Gorgeous. Congrats.
  13. Love it. It looks so soft.
  14. Beautiful bag! Congratulations and enjoy!