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  1. I’ve been collecting bags over the years but kept the brands limited to select few. Recently I started liking the look and the feel of YSL bags more and more and wanted a fun small bag to carry around with me.

    I bought a toy loulou from Saks a month ago but the bag was a defect. I sent it back immediately instead of an exchange, which I regretted. I wanted to wait for some type of mid season sale but figured the black one would never go on sale so I pulled the trigger when Saks had a $300 off $1200 purchase promo last week.

    Here’s my baby!

    They even sent the box this time! I was pleasantly surprised. The chain in the last pic is my $9 chain from Amazon. I think it goes nicely with the toy loulou.
  2. I love that chain! Which brand was it on Amazon?
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  3. I’ll pm you the link!
  4. Oh me too please.. I have the toy in bhw :smile:
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  5. Sent!
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  6. Enjoy your Loulou - she’s a beauty! I’m loving my toy too and so surprised how much it holds and how easy it is to use.
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  7. I usually carry a card wallet, sunglasses, a lip balm. The only thing that’s a bit hard to fit in is my iphone 8 plus with an otterbox case.
  8. Could you semd me the link too?
  9. Could you send me the link too please?!
  10. Sent!
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  11. Thx:smile:
  12. Would you think that a silver chain would look ok as well?
  13. This bag is growing on me. At first I thought it looked like a pillow. Now, I think I want it! Lol
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  14. Congrats!
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  15. Love this bag! Just bought it for my sister’s upcoming birthday. Now I may just want one for myself :biggrin:
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